Episode 238: Why You Have to Give Yourself Permission

I cannot tell you how surreal and exciting it all still feels to see so many of you building your tribes and sharing your takeaways, stories and photos with me about A Tribe Called Bliss (ATCB). I think I have a bruise from regularly pinching myself to confirm that this is indeed still real life. 😉

One common theme I’m seeing so far among my ATCB readers is how it’s giving you permission in all areas of your lives. Permission to do the things you want to do. Permission to be fully you. Permission to forgive yourself. Permission to have the conversations you need to have. Most importantly, it’s giving you permission to release the old stories about yourself that simply aren’t true.

Witnessing this has also spurred me to find areas where I can give myself a bit more permission in my own life. Because lately, I’ve had to accept that I’m just not going to be on top of everything and things are going to slip through the cracks. Book tours are no joke. It takes a whole other level of energy and time management… and saying no. And in order to do this, I’ve had to give myself a whole lot of self-love and grace.

“We’ll never get to where we want to go without massive grace and love.”

It’s times like this when we need to ensure we’re creating fierce boundaries and focus on saying no. Saying no can be so hard, but it is imperative for self-preservation during our busy seasons. Otherwise, our “good” may never turn into our “great.”

“Give yourself space for the true, authentic gifts to come through.”

Thank you all again so much for your support of me and my book. I know this is a recurring ask, but if you love the message of this episode or of ATCB, please share with a friend or leave a review so we can reach our goal of 1 million tribes!

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