Episode 240: How to Master Your Mindset and Find Happiness

You’ve likely heard it before, but I’ll say it again… This thing called life can be so, so challenging. With lots of new situations popping up for me and speaking to audiences that I normally wouldn’t talk to, I’ve determined that getting through it all has to do with mastering my mindset.

Because when you put yourself out there in a new and vulnerable way, you’re not going to be supported by everyone. You’re going to have those people who judge you or say unkind things to you because you’ve “changed” or perhaps it’s someone who wishes they were doing what you’re doing. Always remember that it’s not about you – it’s them.

“The more you shift into the person you know you were meant to be, the more you change.”

When we allow fear or the opinions of others to get into our head, we are stopping ourselves from living the life we were meant to live. It’s a choice to tune into the small minds or let them fall away. I’m not saying they won’t affect you at times, but you must always return to that place of love and happiness within yourself.

Decide what matters and whose opinions are valuable to you. Personally, when I am living in my authentic power and truth, nothing else matters besides what my Creator and my family think (in that order).

“We are radically responsible for our own energy.”

So, determine what brings you back to that place of love and happiness – in all you do. I find that I’m able to drown out of the noise by bringing in more good (creating, dancing, writing surfing etc.). What helps you?

Whatever it is, know that we need you to show up in whatever makes you unique. Don’t let anyone else try to tell you different. YOU get to live this life exactly the way your Creator intended and that is pure bliss.

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