Episode 241: The Balance Between Making Money and Following Your Passion with Luke Storey

I am utterly fascinated at the diverse background of today’s guest and fellow podcaster, Luke Storey. With a journey that began as a high school dropout, Luke has hit career stops along the way as a musician, fashion stylist and now health and wellness podcaster. I honestly wish we would have had more time to delve into each avenue of his journey, but we were able to touch on so many inspiring topics the led him through each one.

A self-professed work in progress, I love that Luke focuses on staying teachable. He’s not afraid to examine each aspect of his life to find out what’s in alignment and what isn’t in order to live in his highest purpose day in and day out. Luke has committed to maintaining a balance of talent and passion, but that often means keeping his ego in check.

Tune in to hear how Luke manages to keep just the right level of humility without sacrificing his gifts or self-worth – all while staying true to who he is. This was such an insightful episode – I cannot wait to hear what you took away from it, too!

Question Highlights:
• What brought you to do what you’re doing now?
• What did the journey feel like when you discovered that living in your potential soothes you?
• What were some of the biggest things you pulled from each of your career stops?
• What does it look like, on a daily basis, when you’re working through something while also being humble and still being fully you?
• How can you practice being in a relationship when you’re not in a relationship?
• What are you most excited about?

“Once you figure any area of your life out and get some help, the only key to true fulfillment is passing that on to other people and living a life of service.”

“It’s owning that I’ve worked my ass off and learned a lot, but there’s also plenty left to learn.”

“Don’t believe everything you think.”

“Build a relationship with whatever it is that makes your heart beat all day, every day.”

Luke Storey is a former celebrity fashion stylist and entrepreneur, public speaker, podcaster, and lifestyle design coach who has spent the past 21 years relentlessly searching the world over to design the ultimate lifestyle through his extensive, personal research and development.

Using The Life Stylist Podcast as his delivery platform, Luke continues to share his strategies for healing, happiness, and high-performance living each week so that listeners can use this knowledge to design their ultimate lifestyle.

The Life Stylist Podcast features the biggest experts in the fields of health, spirituality, and personal development. Past guests have included experts like Dave Asprey, David Wolfe, Sharon Salzberg, John Gray, Neil Strauss, Russell Simmons, and Daniel Vitalis.

Luke’s show covers an ever-expanding range of topics including sex and relationships, yoga, meditation, smart drugs, health myths and medical conspiracies, spirituality, food and supplementation, herbalism, alternative medicine, and biohacking technologies and tactics.

As a public speaker, Luke has appeared on stage with current thought leaders such as Marianne Williamson, Tim Ferris, and Neil Strauss. He is known for his raw, down to earth delivery, and ability to excite minds, and open hearts.

Luke currently works one on one with private clients and continues to act as Founder and CEO at School of Style, the world’s most prominent school for fashion stylists, which he founded in 2008.

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