Episode 242: How to Take Back Your Powers

I’m in New York this week having just wrapped up my stop in Boston for the book tour and it was another magical night. It’s so great having conversations with other women – especially those who have or are reading the book and are looking to connect with other women, too! It’s also super interesting to see what common questions are popping up between book tour stops.

One common theme that’s coming up, both at the book events and online, is how people are afraid to take leaps and try new things – they feel stuck. Personally, I know I’m wasting time when I start asking myself a lot of questions and stop taking action. All of the what if’s, stalling and procrastination – anything to prevent me from doing anything that might bring me some sort of pain. Does that sound familiar to you at all?

“We get stuck focusing on the pain instead of the motivation.”

But here’s the thing (and I have to remind myself of this daily), we don’t come out of the womb knowing what to do. Take riding a bike… can you imagine if as a child, we just kept thinking about the pain of the fall, scraping our knees or bumping our heads? We would have never ditched those training wheels! Instead, we imagined how free it would feel to cruise around.

So, take back your power. Quit focusing on the fall. Focus on the freedom. And don’t look back.

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