Episode 246: HOW to NOT Take It Personal

My book tour is coming to a close with one event left in Phoenix, and I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with being in rooms surrounded by so many amazing people and learning from them as well. As you’ve heard in other episodes, I’ve found new takeaways from each stop – but so many reoccurring themes as well.

Another overarching topic is about taking things personally. Getting through this, of course, has a lot to do with mastering our mindset, but it helps to understand what it feels like before you get there.

Question: If you didn’t take things personally, what could you do in your life? I’ve asked this question at my book tour stops and the answers are endless, but the most common response? “I could be happy.” Whoa!

You see, when we worry about what other people think we’re putting ourselves in our own form of prison. Don’t stifle your truth just to please someone else. I highly encourage you to ruffle feathers, share your opinions and share who you authentically are at your core.

“If you’re not upsetting people, you’re not living in your truth – you’re living in fear.”

Be yourself. Stop people pleasing. Make some waves. I know this is a hard thing to do, but it feels SO good. Trust me, I’m a people pleaser through and through, but by sparing other people pain, you’re only adding more pain to your life.

“Freedom and truth are the opposite of suppression and resentment.”

Does this mean you’ll never take something personal again? Heck no. It is a constant practice of self-love and you will learn how to release it more quickly. It’s also one of our best teachers in life that helps us develop more compassion and understanding from where other people are coming from.

So the next time someone offers their opinion and you take it personally, make a conscious effort to release, forgive and move on…and live a happy life.

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