Episode 251: Walk in Like YOU OWN the Place with Cara Alwill Leyba

I am so I love with today’s guest, Cara Alwill Leyba, author, entrepreneur and founder of The Champagne Diet, and I know you’ll love her too (if you don’t already) after listening to our conversation.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Cara worked for several years in corporate at MTV, but felt stuck knowing she really wanted to be a writer. She founded her blog, The Champagne Diet, and eventually self-published her first book, Girl Code. Since then she’s published several other books and her newest book, Like She Owns the Place releases July 10 (see Resources to get your copy and buy one for a friend, too!).

Cara becomes vulnerable and is super transparent about the unglamorous side of business. She does this in an effort to show other women what it really looks like when things fall apart and how we can shift our perspectives, find the good and remember who we were before things fell apart.

This is such an empowering, feel-good episode and I can’t wait for you to enjoy it…perhaps with a glass of champagne (not if you’re driving!). 😉

Questions Asked in This Episode:
• Can you tell us a little bit about what you’re doing right now and what sparked that passion?
• How do you feel about resourcefulness and what’s a huge block around not having the skills, not knowing how etc.?
• What do you do around navigating relationships in terms of being vulnerable and open, but firm in your decisions and where you’re at?
• How do we not take things personal in relationships – especially when we’re putting our art out into the world?
• What do you do when you work with women and there’s a consistent worry about judgment and what others think?
• What’s something that’s come from leveling up and helped your growth?
• What does success look like for you right now and what does the next level look like?
• How do we stay in a state of success, but still desire and strive for other things?
• Who is your book for?
• Who are you now on the other side of publishing your book?
• And more!


“Why can’t every day be a celebration?”

“When you have the support of who you are and when you can back yourself up through any experience is when you’re unstoppable.”

“You can’t expand if everything is happening for you in perfect alignment.”

“Shift the focus into the people who do celebrate and love you.”

“Your intuition is your north star. Your intuition will never fail you.”

“The more real we can be, the more relatable we’ll be.”

“Success is a state of being.”

“What’s for you will not pass you and if it passes you it wasn’t meant for you.”

On how to make yourself happy…“Make yourself feel something you’ve never felt before.”

Cara Alwill Leyba is the acclaimed author of Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur, which Inc. named one of the “top 9 inspiring books every female entrepreneur should read.” She is also a Master Life Coach, a popular public speaker, the host of the “Style Your Mind” podcast, and the creator of the “Champagne Diet” blog, which has been featured in media such as Glamour and Marie Claire. She lives in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. You can find more at her Instagram (almost 100K followers), Facebook (16K followers), blog, The Champagne Diet, and wildly successful podcast, Style Your Mind (1.5 million unique downloads).

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