Episode 258: How to Give Yourself What You Need The Most

The other night I went to a Soul Cycle class despite the voice inside my head that told me I didn’t want to go and didn’t have the energy to move my legs that fast (can you relate?). But after coming off of my three-week vacation, I was struggling. My re-entry back into “reality” has been tough.

Thankfully my Soul Cycle instructor gave me the wake-up call (or question) that led to a shift.

“What is a gift you could give yourself right now that would make your day or life better?”

I actually surprised myself with the answer…an attitude adjustment. Whoa, seems a bit harsh, huh? But here’s the thing. Now is not the time to take it easy on myself. I’ve still got a lot of things I want to do. And one of those things, was getting back into the groove with my podcast interviews.

I had a ton of resistance around my scheduled interviews this week, but once I remembered how much I enjoy talking with such incredible humans, I changed my tune.

“Sitting in resistance is a choice.”

Sitting in resistance was not serving me. It was time to lean in and start asking myself questions instead. What would it look and feel like if I was back in the groove of things? What if I let go and enjoyed it? What would that look like?

“If it’s something you’re choosing to have on your plate because you want it there, you can let go of the resistance.”

I realize that letting go can be hard and it takes a lot of thought. Trust me, that has been me for the last week. But just start small by asking questions – don’t force it. You’ll find that once you start envisioning all the good things, your energy will increase, too. Resistance, while sometimes helpful, only sucks your energy away. Let’s do the opposite by ramping up your energy instead and watch as more shows up.

I hope this message prompts you to take a moment today to figure out what you need the most, move through resistance and lean in.

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