Episode 261: Why It Pays to Be Brave with Angie Lee

You’re going to love today’s guest, Angie Lee, as she’s a wise old soul at the core but not even 30 years old! She and I go back 10 years to a fitness camp we attended together. Since that time she’s become this powerhouse business woman who loves sharing her light and knowledge with others.

Today, we’re dialing into the present and talking about Angie’s upcoming book, Raise Your Hand as well as her Pays to Be Brave event in October – and all the fears and doubts that come up as a result. She believes that being bold is key and that “no’s” are imperative to anyone’s journey.

I hope you enjoy a good mixture of silliness and seriousness because you’ll get a big dose of both in this episode! Don’t be surprised if you’re ready to write your own book or host an event after listening!

Question Highlights:
• What is the most exciting thing in your life right now?
• What is the journey your event is taking you on and reflecting back at you right now?
• What is your new book about?
• Why aren’t women “raising their hands?”
• How can we deal with getting no’s?
• What is something right now that’s pushing on your solar plexus that you have to ask for?
• Can you share one of your “what was I thinking” moments that’s also helped you grow?
• How do we tell the difference between a gut check and fear?

“I treat the marketing and numbers like they’re real people.”

“It’s OK to hear no because it also may be a yes down the road.”

“It’s never as bad as we make it out to be.”

“The business doesn’t grow unless the team grows.”

Angie Lee is the hilarious + wicked smart business bestie you've always wanted. A serial entrepreneur, vibrant speaker, life coach & business mentor, Angie's genius is helping women embrace fear, take messy action and monetize their passion.

Corporate + College dropout, $100k in debt to 7-figure entrepreneur under 30, Angie's passion runs deep for helping women unlock their full potential to finally create the income and life they desire. Angie is the host of the top-rated The Angie Lee Show, the Founder of Pays to Be Brave Summit and the upcoming self-published author of Raise Your Hand.

Her Wellpreneur Mastermind teaches wellness professionals how to grow their social brand and close sales with ease. Angie's cracked the code for organic marketing by successfully producing multiple 6- and 7-figure product launches, with no paid advertising or complicated funnels. She now teaches her loyal community how to grow and scale their online business with standout branding, authentic messaging and intuitive marketing.

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