Episode 264: Why Being Dissatisfied Can Be a Great Thing

I want to start off by saying a huge thank you to all who listen and follow this podcast. As we fly into 8 million downloads, I have to keep pinching myself to ensure it’s all real. I couldn’t do this without you all and I am so, so grateful that you choose to spend part of your day listening.

A couple months back, I heard the phrase “I am blissfully dissatisfied with my life,” from the amazing Ed Mylett. And I love the balance of the two words because it means being blissfully happy with where you’re at while being equally dissatisfied with wanting more or knowing you have more to give.

“In order to be a happy human, we have to make progress.”

Whether it’s in terms of your health, family, relationships or your business, progress keeps us alive! The other day the idea of being blissfully dissatisfied was brought back into my life when I received a message from a follower. Upon first glance this woman looked like someone I could be friends with – she was a yogi, into wellness etc. – but upon reading the first sentence (I’m going to have to unfollow you because you seem to have a ‘deep dissatisfaction’ with your life), I don’t think we’ll be friends anytime soon. I close the message before I could read the whole thing because honestly I was breathing fire! Then I took a moment, went back, blocked her and deleted the message. Sure, I could have responded, but people with energy like that are not for me.

So anyway, this message got me thinking back to what Ed Mylett had said and I honestly thought… I am equal parts satisfied and dissatisfied – and I’m totally OK with that. You see, as humans, we’re not wired to be happy. We have a need to be better – for ourselves and others. But in order to find this balance, we can’t be focused on satisfaction in ALL areas at ALL times. We must give ourselves grace in the areas that aren’t the priority and pour ourselves into the other areas despite potential side effects.

So yes, I will never be satisfied, but I will ALWAYS be blissful. And I will always strive to show as much love, grace and compassion to all those who think I feel otherwise.

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