Episode 268: Uncover the Beliefs Your Current Tribe Is Reinforcing

Just a head’s up that today’s topic may be a touch overwhelming for some, but I don’t want anyone to get too worried, because when it comes to shifting and changing a person’s beliefs – it’s actually never-ending.

I’ve discovered recently just how important it is to take inventory of one’s tribe, aka the people who were spending the most time with. Keep in mind that this can be actual people, television, podcasts etc. I like to also call them reinforcers.

I want you to do a quick exercise and write down the following:

1. List five people who you’re around the most.
2. What is the main belief, habit or limiting belief or thing that they are reinforcing in your life?

When completed, review and determine if these habits and beliefs are reflecting back at you. Are they holding you back? Don’t panic if it’s not what you thought. I’m certainly not here to tell you who to hang out with and I certainly won’t tell you to ditch friends who aren’t “positive” enough. But I am telling you that you may want to load the other portions of your “plate” with more positive or up-leveling people. Crowd out your plate in a positive direction.

Maybe that means joining a new group or mastermind? Maybe it’s adding more podcasts, books or self-development events to your life. Whatever it is, just make sure to, “set up a life and tribe that reflects where you’re going and not where you’re at.”

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