Episode 270: Take Your POWER Back NOW!

With a lot of speaking engagements going on for me right now and in the near future, I’ve had to really stop and observe my anxious tendencies and the thoughts that often go along with them. It’s amazing how powerful our thoughts and inner dialogue can be. Today’s episode is all about freeing yourself from the labels that hold you back and knowing that you’re the only one who has that power to do so.

How often have you heard, “I have such anxiety when it comes to speaking in front of people”? Hand raised over here because I’ve definitely said it to myself before. But here’s where we change it. We don’t “have” anxiety. We “do” anxiety. We don’t “have” no energy. We “do” no energy. And it’s in this doing that we have the choice as to what we do or don’t do. See where I’m going with this?

I’d like you to do a quick exercise to take back your power. First, write what you “have.”

Example: I have anxiety.

Now cross that out and write DO instead.

I have anxiety. I DO anxiety.

Now describe how you “do” anxiety right now? What actions are supporting this feeling? What thoughts?

I’m drinking coffee. I’m checking messages right when I wake up. I’m eating crappy food and isolating myself. I keep telling myself how nervous I am and that I’m going to forget what I’m saying on stage.

Take notice of the conversation in your mind and watch how you’re talking to yourself. If you’re anxious, reframe and tell yourself how excited you are and why. Replace your thoughts with better thoughts and take your control back!

No lie, it doesn’t always go fast. But keep trying on different feelings until it does feel good.

“Choose how you feel.”

Tell yourself, “I can undo any feeling I don’t want to be in.”

And remember, once you start putting out these better feelings, you’ll notice that you’re attracting more too.

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