Today I’m talking about the vital topic of taking action and curing those moments where you’re just sitting in pain thinking. The last week (typically in the mornings is when I struggle the most), I’ve been overthinking – everything. Have you ever caught yourself in a downward spiral like this? And it’s during moments like these that I’m really trying to work on shortening the amount of time they last.

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.”

Here’s my hack – even though I drag my feet sometimes. TAKE ACTION!

“Action cures anxiety.”

Here’s the thing, even something infinitesimally small and new leads to new results. Plus, when your mood is more neutral, and less in a place of suffering, you’re in a better place to welcome new ideas and opportunities. I’m not saying you need to take action all the time…far from it. After all, we need time to relax and connect with other people, but please do not choose suffering! Take the action that will make you feel better. (Trust me, I wouldn’t tell you anything that I wouldn’t tell myself!)

I want you to know that I see you taking uncertain actions despite those doubts in your head, and I’m cheering you on. Thank goodness for tribe because even though I’m scared too, I know I have a group of people that have my back regardless of what’s going on. And I’m here to tell you that no matter what you’re going through right now, I just want you to know that I think you’re magic. We are all magic and we’re not meant to suffer and play small! You need to keep pushing forward and sharing your uniqueness with the world!

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