279: How to Become the REAL You with Drew Canole

My friend, founder of Organifi and now author, Drew Canole is back on the show and I couldn’t be more happy as I feel a bit like I need to redeem myself after my last interview with him – I can’t believe how nervous I was last time! Since that time, not only have we hung out multiple times, but we’ve participated in a week-long retreat in Costa Rica together as well. I never knew it was possible to laugh so much! Drew has definitely helped me see that fun is a requirement of up-leveling our lives!

Drew has a unique ability to help others tap into different parts of their lives and uncover who they truly are. And one of the primary ways Drew is doing that today is through his new book, You Be You, where he guides readers to “detox their lives, crush their limitations and own their awesome.” Why achieve your goals or present the world with a counterfeit version of yourself when it will never feel completely true to who you are?

Be prepared to have a lot of laughs and hear a lot of wisdom in our candid conversation. And if you’re looking for a way to unlock that next level of being YOU, definitely pick up his book!

Question Highlights:

  • Why did you pick the title of your book?
  • When you’re in your “light body,” what does that feel like?
  • In the past, who did you think you needed to be in order to navigate through life in a successful way?
  • Do you ever go through “seasons” – a winter or a dry spell?
  • Once you achieve a goal, what do you do next? How do you unlock the next level?
  • In your life right now, is there any area where you’re not fully showing up as yourself?
  • What are the conversations coming out of your Organifi book club?
  • Why is this book making such huge shifts?
  • Why should people grab your book?


“When you choose to do something in the moment, you have to be present.”

“When you’re present is the only time you can manifest or materialize your goals, desires and dreams.”

“The world doesn’t need a counterfeit you. The planet needs a re-remembering of who you truly are.”

“When you start to give more love to yourself, you open up a world of possibilities.”

Drew Canole is an author, transformation coach, and founder of Organifi. Drew has helped thousands of women and men revitalize their health, ignite their vision, and shift the course of their life forever. After reaching a dead end in his own health, Drew discovered the chasm of difference between going through the motions and living with radical intention. He now helps people tap into the “Big You” to create the change they never thought possible.

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