Episode 28: Understanding CHAKRAS to Tune Into What You Need w Catherine Cowan

Sit still and open your heart for my very special guest and friend, Catherine Cowan. Catherine is passionate about inspiring people to feel and be their most brilliant self. She is a yoga teacher, Reiki Master and holistic life coach.

CatherineCowan-145-4Knowing that the word “Chakras” can be a new and unexplored topic for some, Catherine reels it in and explains each in such a way, that all of us can learn beautifully and simply.

“Chakras are an ancient system of wisdom to help us understand and give us a bit of a road map to understand our energetic body.”

Tune in as Catherine takes us step by step through each one of our 7 Chakras.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What are Chakras
  • How to listen to our Chakras
  • The colors associated to each Chakra
  • “I Am” statements

Learn more about your body, your sacred temple at TheHolisticWay.ca or find Catherine on Instagram @theholisticway

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