296: Separating Your Physique From Your Self-Worth

Welcome to another Q&A Day with my Q&A co-host and assistant, Evans! These episodes are always fun because I get to answer questions from all of you, and it helps me feel even more connected to this incredible community. Evans and I also share great quotes that are really speaking to us–and a few laughs, too! Today we are also sharing our experience from the Tribe Called Bliss book tour.


Question Highlights:

  • @sheryl_scranton: “What is your most life-changing book? What are you currently reading? What’s your favorite podcast?”
  • @empowermentwithelizabeth: “I’m planning a retreat and I’m curious about the process of Bliss Project–how you went from the idea to executing it. How did it get from an idea to reality?”
  • @victoriaevansofficial : “How do you seperate your physique from your self-worth? I’m really struggling right now not to put so much value on my body after losing weight. I’m having a hard time seeing myself as my body. Did you ever struggle with this as you were competing in fitness?”  


Review of the Week:

“Lori, I can’t thank you enough for what both your book and podcast have done for me. When I went through a messy breakup with my ex, one of my friends/fellow coaches suggested this book to me and your podcast. I’ll be honest, at first I was apprehensive. So many friendships and relationships have been burnt in my life, why light another candle and redevelop a tribe? But, you’ve given me the courage to be brave, to step up, and to anoint my own dang self with self-love, encouragement, bravery, and replacement of negativity, fear, judgement, etc. With positivity, compassion, understanding, I’m excited to see where your journey takes you because you’ve helped so many of us and deserve the best. Keep rockin it sista!”



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