298: Managing Family, Triggers, and Holiday Stress with Caty Pasternak

Today Caty Pasternak, a Women’s Leadership coach + content creator, joins me on the podcast. Caty helps leaders embody new levels of evolution so that they can create lives that turn their soul ON. By providing support and strategy, Caty helps women stretch out of their comfort zone so that they can earn more, love deeper, and experience magic every day. I just love how real and open Caty is, and her total authenticity. This is a super timely episode because we talk all about the holidays! From going home for the holidays, dealing with food triggers, to creating new traditions, this episode has it ALL for you.


Question Highlights:

  • Did you ever have that, “Who am I?” moment?
  • What got you started on your path?
  • How has your evolution over the holidays been over the past 5 years?
  • How do you energetically prepare?
  • What advice do you have for people who love giving gifts?
  • What is something that you practice around letting go of people pleasing?
  • Is there anything you are in resistance in right now with this season?
  • What are some of your perspective shifts?
  • How do we navigate all of the triggers, like food and alcohol, this time of year?



“It’s about really making an empowered decision from your intuition.”

“No, there’s something that’s actually out of alignment here that I don’t want to be a part of.”

“I feel like if we drop into that space and we become anchored in our truth, there’s nothing that we can really get overly triggered by because we know we’re listening to our soul and not running around in fear because of our mind.”

“Really taking this entire month just celebrating everything that’s been created, and to be with myself and all of that process to just reflect on all the growth, all the evolution of things in business, and just be in deep gratitude and celebration.”

Caty Pasternak believes that we are all meant to EXPERIENCE our power as conscious creators and to live with radical authenticity, love, and abundance. Within her first year, she created a multiple six-figure coaching business. And it wasn’t because of a fancy marketing tactic…..it was because of my embodiment, creativity, and energy.

She utilizes hypnotherapy, NLP, biz strategy, intuitive development, and quantum physics to support women through personal and business transformations in her private mentorship and mastermind programs. Caty also creates content for multiple channels, as well as posting weekly videos to her Youtube channel, and her podcast, Sexy Soul Radio.

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