Episode 3: Find Your STRENGTH in Your STRUGGLE with Angelike Norrie

Find your personal strength through the struggles you've experienced in life. Listen in on today's episode where we have the amazing Angelike Norrie, mother of two beautiful little girls, happily married, and an entrepreneur powerhouse! She’s also an author, business life and health coach and not to mention, a 3rd degree black belt, 2007 World Silver Medalist XMA Extreme Martial Arts champion, 2x national fitness champion, 5x fitness cover model and I have to add, quite the smoke show.

Coaching miscI am so happy you are getting to hear this, it was my FIRST interview on Earn Your Happy! I can't wait to share with you the inspiring story of how I met Angelike ironically years ago at one of my first fitness competitions and then help take you to your own spot of pure strength. Nothing great happens without a little struggle in between.

Go back with Angelike as she re-visits her vivid past memories and some of the first times she had to truly show her own strength. “Strength to me is never about how much weight you can bare, it's how much grace you can exemplify in the midst of it.”

Find out how saying “yes” to the little nudges from your soul can change your life, and how struggles can shift you into a place of gratitude and finding your ultimate purpose.

Continue to follow Angelike's Life and Body SOULutions at AngelikeNorrie.com and get a glimpse into more of her personal life via Facebook at Angelike Norrie.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How struggles can shift you
  • How Saying YES from your soul can change your life
  • How to find your ultimate purpose
  • Finding strength in setbacks
  • How your actions have effect on those around you
  • What acceptance truly means



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