305: How Do You Build Confidence When You’re Feeling Judged?

Review of the Week:

“I just listened to Lori’s Go All In episode and my soul is literally shook. I shared it with my entire team for some daily inspiration and I cannot wait for them to listen. I have been feeling very anxious in the past couple of weeks and days because I am definitely living in the grey and Lori’s podcast shook me, made me realize that what is keeping me from my island paradise is the boat I am currently living on. She has inspired me to close all the windows, get down to work (for a while) and I will definitely use this episode as motivation when I am doubting myself as I embark to put in some hard work to reach my island! Can’t wait to check out other podcasts soon! Great work Lori Harder and thank you!”

Caitlin S Wheeler


Question Highlights:

  • @adrianneraewebster “What is your number one tool to release anxiety?”
  • @teresaheinzofficial “Best way to build confidence when feeling judged all the time and also getting anxiety?”

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