314: How Do You Help Your Family Understand Your New Journey?

Review of the Week:

Judy0414: “Lori’s podcast has been a life change for me. I started listening to her at least a year ago and it is what got me started on the personal development path. Her voice has gotten me thru so many struggles and has encouraged me to grow so much. Thank you, Lori, I am so grateful for you!”


Question Highlights:

  1. Destinee: “What is the best way to help family members, especially young family, explain the journey you are going through? I have a 10 year old brother and I find it difficult to explain to him that I am creating the best version of myself and chasing my dreams because of kids having such a hard time understanding such abstract ideas.”
  2. Veronica: “I'm listening to #249 with Mastin Kipp right now and you mention being trained to be a good audience member – do you think you could do an episode on that (or even just train Evans right now so we can listen in)? This idea of actively giving a speaker your energy is so wonderful I can't even handle it :)”
  3. Shari: “As for my question, I work in an office with about 20 people in a small confined sales office… I have such a hard time being myself on the phones with my clients when everybody is listening and it hinders me for some reason! Possibly could because I work with a lot of type a personalities, and I do you freeze up when it comes time to speaking up! Help!”

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