323: How to be High Vibe While Waiting

Time for another Q&A Day with me and Evans! Listen in as we answer questions that you have sent in, and hear our favorite quotes of the moment! Today, Evans and I talk about being high vibe no matter where you are in life, hosting events, and tips for getting your creative juices flowing!


Review of the Week:


I have followed Lori’s podcast for over 2 years and a few months ago moved across the country and lost my self-development groove. In turn, I recently found myself in a rut, feeling alone & unworthy. While I knew deep down I would find a way back, I had to think of what I needed. On my drive back to VA from WI, I listened to over 20 podcasts back-to-back and felt revived & resuscitated!! I hate to say how long it’s been since I’ve tuned in, but my new favorite episodes are Q&A with her assistant/friend Evans!!! They are awesome and hilarious. Just the vibes I need to surround myself with until I find more of my own tribe. Love you juggernauts!


Question 1: @nataliecturner “How to be high vibe while waiting? Ex: hearing about a work opportunity, text results, etc.”

Question 2: @sigsfitbits “Some tips on hosting your first workshop event?”

Question 3: @laurenrichellequigley “What is your favorite tip for getting your creative juices flowing?”

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