332: What Was Your Pivot Point?

Time for another Q&A Day with me and Evans! Listen in as we answer questions that you have sent in, and hear our favorite quotes of the moment! In today’s “questionably awesome” episode, Evans and I are talking about expectations, pushing the needle in your life, sensing a pivot and leaning into it, and how excited we are for the Bliss Project!


Review of the Week:

@tracilinSC “Oh my gosh! Lori, you and Evans need to take the Q&A sessions on the road. I get so tickled listening to the two of you! I definitely think together you could solve a lot of worldly problems, or at least offer an amazing dose of laughter while trying. Thanks for sharing all things bliss-filled with your listeners!”


Question 1: @emilymedaglia: “A Few weeks ago you mentioned “pushing the needle work”-would love examples!”

Question 2: @letaalexandra: “What was your “pivot” point from fitness to changing lives with coaching/masterminds etc?”

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