335: How Do I Turn Off The Self Sabotaging and Forgive The Procrastination?

Time for another Q&A Day with me and Evans! Listen in as we answer questions that you have sent in, and hear our favorite quotes of the moment! In today’s “questionably awesome” episode, Evans is sharing some exciting news! The two of us also talk about what gives us hope in difficult times, the lesson I learned with my first hire, and turning off self-sabotage.


Review of the Week:

Desert-mama “Yesterday I had a Lori-a-thon and probably listened to like 5 podcasts. It was my soul food for the day, I laughed out loud to you and Evans (like I do every time!), I cried with Tracy O’Malley. She is such an amazing woman and her story speaks volumes on so many levels. Whenever I am needing some inspiration or some words of wisdom you are always here. Thank you! I feel like when I’m listening to you and Evans it’s like I’m in the room with two of my besties laughing along with you. I had the pleasure of meeting you last year at the women’s powerhouse event and I’ve been on board ever since. Best podcast ever!


Question 1: @heymadelyne: “What’s given you hope in your difficult moments (you know, the ones that feel hopeless)?”

Question 2: @meet_thefreemans: “What was your first team member to hire?”

Question 3: Alicia Carussi: “How do I turn off the self sabotaging and forgive the procrastination?”

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