355: Get the Body and Life You Want with Susan Hyatt

I am beyond excited for you to hear today’s episode with Susan Hyatt, Master Life & Business Coach! Susan’s passion is to help women get MORE of whatever they crave. Can I get a heck yeah?! Susan and I are diving deep into how life, goals, and personal happiness are really running parallel to our thoughts and how we care for ourselves. In her new book, Bare, Susan shares a lot of vulnerability and also makes personal transformation achievable for all. This episode is so amazing and I know it’s going to have you ready for more in your on life!


Question Highlights:

  • How do you begin to understand new approaches when your environment reflects back something different?
  • What happens after the awareness?
  • What do you do after the failures to get back to where you want to be?
  • Do you have tips around really figuring out what you need?
  • How do you teach people to move through the things that keep coming up?


Susan Hyatt is a Master Certified Life and Business Coach based in Evansville, Indiana. She specializes in helping women get more of whatever they want—whether it’s more money, more media recognition, more pleasure, more passion, or more time to pursue meaningful goals.

Susan is the author of two books, Create Your Own Luck and BARE. Her work has been featured in places like O: The Oprah Magazine, Woman’s World, Cosmopolitan, and The Huffington Post. She’s the creator of The BARE Process, a trademarked system for upgrading your mental and physical health, building more energy and confidence, and creating the life that you want.

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