370: Accelerate Your Goals Counterintuitively with Rob Murgatroyd

I’m so excited to share today’s episode with you because I got to sit down with Rob Murgatroyd, a lifestyle designer, podcast host, and close friend. Rob has had a massive impact on my life, and has helped me think bigger, differently, and is someone that I truly value. This conversation is so great because, even though our friendship spans a decade, I still learned so much from him. Rob has stepped into his zone of genius and it’s been an incredible thing to watch– I just know you’re going to take away so much from this episode!


Question Highlights:

  • What are the pros and cons of having children later in life?
  • What do you think has shaped you in your life?
  • How do you handle dealing with past trauma?
  • How did you get to where you are now from being in a chiropractic career?
  • Why did you want to do this mastermind?
  • How did you know you had to pivot? How did you support yourself?
  • Are you more motivated by pain or pleasure?
  • What do you believe you are on this earth for?


Guest Bio:

I have overcome my share of obstacles in order to architect the life of my dreams and uncover the key to lasting, meaningful success. Growing up in Queens (literally on the wrong side of the tracks), my early years were tumultuous, marked by hardship and violence. With home being a less-than-idyllic place, I clung to work and education as my ticket out of the bedroom I shared with three brothers, and the low-income reality of the life my parents couldn’t seem to escape. The minute I was old enough, I threw myself into any job I could get my hands on, from washing cars at filling stations, to washing hair in salons. In hindsight, the high-end neighborhood across the tracks (home to the doctors and lawyers) likely played an unconscious role in my decision to attend school to be a chiropractor. Post high school graduation, I moved to Atlanta to complete my training and never looked back.

Over the next decade, I built a successful chiropractic practice, welcomed my first child, experienced the heartbreak of a challenging divorce, found healing and redemption when I met and married my wife, and read a book that changed my life and uncovered for me the world of lifestyle-entrepreneurship. That book was The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. Having spent my entire life thus far in relentless hustle mode, I was ready for the PLAY HARD side of the hard work coin. My wife and I wanted to escape the grind and travel the world, so we did. In 2006 we launched our travel/lifestyle Blog ‘Jetset Life’ and my all or nothing tendencies showed up for the party.

Predictably, poppin’ bottles on yachts grew old and I became aware that once again my life was out of balance and I felt disconnected and unfulfilled. THIS was the pivotal moment I decided to apply myself to mastering the counter-balance between the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. From THIS, the Work Hard Play Hard podcast and mastermind was born.