385: Soul Transformation with Gina Meyers

I’m so excited to bring you this episode with the amazing Gina Meyers. Gina is a celebrity fitness instructor and motivational life coach in Los Angeles, California, where she has been changing lives for over a decade. On the show we talk about how Gina changed her life when she realized she was desperately unhappy and how she manages to show up every day, even when she’s not feeling it.


Question Highlights:

  • How did you learn to create the SoulCycle experience for people?  
  • What does it look like when you feel like you're failing?
  • What were the thoughts going on in your head that you were like, I can't live this way anymore?
  • How did you meet your husband?
  • What is one of the biggest lessons that motherhood has taught you?
  • What has being in a SoulCycle room just about every single day taught you?
  • Why did you start racing cars?
  • What is something that you are craving more of right now in your life?


Guest Bio:

Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Gina packed her bag and followed her childhood dream of being an actress when she moved to California in 1996. After years of auditioning for small parts on television shows, movies, and commercials, she realized that her passion was not in the entertainment industry. Instead, she found her calling in the early 2000s when she realized her true passion was helping others love themselves and feel good in their own skin. Gina’s fitness coaching career began as a yoga and spin instructor at a boutique studio in Venice, California. In 2012, Gina was recruited to be a founding Los Angeles instructor for SoulCycle. Previously only in New York City, Gina helped launch SoulCycle’s west coast venture. She personally helped open up four current Los Angeles studios: West Hollywood, Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Malibu.

Recognized for her fitness following, in 2015 Gina became an ambassador for Lululemon Santa Monica and was promoted to Master Instructor at SoulCycle in 2017 as part of the first group of Master Instructors on the west coast. Gina’s passion is grounded in helping others feel their best. In Gina’s work, she not only motivates and inspires her clients to push their physical limits, but to also be mindful of their internal dialogue to create shifts in their perspective. Gina’s classes offer a safe space for individuals to explore their limits, challenge their minds and their bodies, and most importantly walk away feeling accomplished and successful. Gina strives to create meaningful connections and believes vulnerability and self-love are the foundation of a happy life. When not teaching or training, Gina is spending quality time with her husband, two dogs, and two year old son.