394: Making and Taking On Big Changes with Erica Williams Simon

Erica Williams Simon joins me to talk about the power of story and changing your life. She started her career in politics, policy and activism then took some time out and realized she also needed to talk about faith, love and money. On this episode we discuss stories that we learn growing up and how to forge new identities. We also cover how changing your story can trigger other people and how to deal with that. I can't wait for you to listen to this conversation because I literally fell in love with this woman.  


Question Highlights:

  • Were you nervous about your book coming out?
  • What are some of the stories that you carried with you growing up?
  • What do we do in the transition of flipping a story?
  • What do we do when our circles are really against whatever it is that we're doing?
  • What has been one of your biggest challenges in life?
  • What was your story growing up around money? And how have you changed that?


Guest Bio:

Erica Williams Simon has worked in and around the highest level of every change focus industry in America – politics, tech, media and faith. In the process she unlocked the truth about creating change in a culture hell bent on maintaining the status quo. From her days as a Washington insider all the way to the times at the creators lab at Snapchat, this preacher's daughter has spent her life inside and outside of major industries, driving the honest conversations that help a diverse generation ask critical questions, build fulfilling lives and change the world. She is the host of the popular podcast The Call, and co-host of The Assembly, a non traditional talk series. She’s also just released her first book, You Deserve The Truth.