400: Entrepreneurs: Real tips for growth

In this episode my husband Chris joins me to interview three amazing humans from the first round of our mastermind, Fast Foundations. Listen in to find out how Christina, Cassie and Jim have used the mastermind to grow, both personally and in a business sense. What’s fascinating to me is that all our mastermind participants have completely diverse businesses, but they support each other so much and have created such amazing relationships. We are currently filling our second round of fast foundation so if you’re ready to change your life, apply now. 


Question Highlights:

  • What's your long term vision for your brand and what is your goal that scares you?
  • What is the best piece of advice or inspiration that you have for entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey?
  • What made you join Fast Foundations?


Guest Bio:

Christina Lecuyer of Decide It's Your Turn is a former professional golfer turned mindset life coach. Cassie Everson of Wanderlust Skulls is an artist who creates modern art pieces out of buffalo and longhorn skulls. Jim Carter III of Cause Hack is a long-time programmer who now coaches organizations and entrepreneurs of all sizes on their technology.