411: Take the Big Leap

Today’s episode is for the person who needs a kick in the ass right now. The person who’s thinking, I'm ready. I can't live this way another day. I can't wake up to another Monday where I don't like who I am because I'm not showing up as my highest self. Nobody's coming for you. This is going to be the rest of your life if you don't take massive action. If you're looking at someone that you think is lucky, maybe they’re seeing success because they are willing to not be liked, they're willing to do it scared, they're willing to fail, to be wrong, to get criticized or get nasty messages in their DMs. They're willing to invest, they're willing to make massive risks, to lose money, to feel uncertain every damn day and they’re willing to do anything to create the support that they need. They're willing to keep moving and love themselves, even when other people don't. So if you are struggling, know that it’s because you’re growing and getting stronger. I hope today’s quickie serves as a reminder or way for you to be able to get back to the heart-centered reason of WHY you’re working on your dreams.