415: 3 Steps to Face your Fears and Take Action with Angie Lee

Angie Lee is a marketing ninja who helps women not suck at sales. In this episode we chat about three ways to overcome fear and step into your highest self. Plus why it doesn’t matter which color balloons you have at your event and why to stop following Sharon who lives in Hawaii with a six-pack and six kids. 


Question Highlights:

  • How can you be a master at holding space for women to step into their highest selves?
  • What are the best ways to bust through your fears?
  • How can you stop getting stuck in the scroll of comparison?
  • Should you care what other people think?


Guest Bio:

Angie Lee is a highly sought after marketing mentor, speaker, professional podcaster & serial entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of Soul CBD, creator of the Pays To Be Brave live event and host of the Forbes top 100 business & lifestyle podcast The Angie Lee Show.

Corporate dropout to 7-figure entrepreneur under 30, Angie has successfully built two 7-figure brands in less than three years. With the power of video marketing, she has successfully produced multiple 7-figure organic product launches with zero paid ads. She teaches her community how to grow and scale their online businesses with sales psychology, authentic messaging and intuitive marketing. Her genius is helping women breakthrough in their business and life.