418: Free yourself of Body Blame, Addiction and Self-loathing with Dr. Morgan Francis

Dr. Morgan Francis joins me to talk about cultivating self-love, particularly in the face of diet culture and a societal obsession with external appearance. Dr. Morgan spent years trying to avoid the pain of her brother’s death when she was a teenager and one of the ways she did this was by developing an eating disorder. She says she knew there was a problem when she was out on a date and she could not even pay attention to what he was saying because bread had been put on the table. Now she is a therapist and runs an online course for women looking to improve their body image.


Question Highlights:

  • How do we stop yourself getting stuck in fear and worry?
  • What are the phases of grief?
  • How can we accept the pain that comes with all of the beautiful things in life?
  • Where did your passion for helping others come from? 
  • How do we know when we need help?
  • How do we confront our problem, but not get stuck in the problem?
  • Why is body image such a hot spot for you?
  • How can we focus on building our identity outside of our external appearance? 
  • What was the Minnesota starvation study?


Guest Bio:

Dr. Morgan Francis is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, a licensed mental health therapist and the owner of Scottsdale Premier Counseling. Her mission is to break through the mental health shame game. With over 20 years of experience specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and negative body image, Dr. Francis can empower you to make peace with your body and food. 

For too long society has been embracing diet culture and pushing you to believe how you look is not good enough. No matter how thin or fit you look, you cannot outrun the pressures that surround you because the transformation of loving and appreciating your body happens internally, not externally. Dr. Francis’ online courses on body image and self-love will help you to take back your life.