423: Your Dream Won’t Happen until you Do This

Today I’m talking about making decisions. To actually make a decision you have to put skin in the game, say no to things and schedule your calendar so that it’s aligned with your dreams. Lately I've been fierce about making sure that I have room in my calendar for all of my new projects. And I am so proud of myself because, looking back at last year, I had a calendar full of things that I didn't necessarily want to do. I was more reacting to life than actually taking time to think if it was something that would move the needle forward. I was doing things because I didn't want to say no and hurt people's feelings. But you have to say no to things in order to create space for your dreams. I hope today’s quickie serves as a reminder or way for you to be able to get back to the heart-centered reason of WHY you’re working on your dreams.