426: When you KNOW you Can’t Keep Doing the Same Thing

On my run this morning something triggered my memory back to when I was in the fitness world but hadn’t started doing self-development work. I was binge eating and telling myself stories about why I wasn't good enough to do this work. I knew I had greatness inside of me, but I didn’t know what shape or form I would share it in. I put a training program on my credit card and showed up at that event so freaked out, but it totally paid off. Now I’ve created a 5-day workshop called EventLuv to teach the next generation of speakers, leaders and teachers how to create transformational experiences. The event is in January 2020 and the Earlybird price ends September 30. We’ll cover so many things including:

  • How do you protect your energy in the room? 
  • How do you walk through the hallways to get to the bathroom without getting involved in a conversation that could really drain you or deeply affect you before you get back on stage?
  • What do you charge for your event?
  • How do you plan to make a profit? 
  • How do you know if your audience is even receptive to events?