427: How to Answer Your Calling

In this episode, Lindsey Schwartz and I talk to three entrepreneurs who create amazing live experiences for their audience – Amber Lilyestrom, Jocelyn Freeman and Taylor Wray. Listen in for some powerful tips on to becoming a more confident speaker and adding an event to your current business or making events your business model.


Question Highlights:

  • What made you decide to create live events?
  • What benefits have you got from stepping into fear and creating these experiences?
  • What do you wish that you knew before you did your first event?
  • What is your best tip for making your events profitable? 


Guest Bio:

Amber Lilyestrom is a transformational branding strategist and business coach. 

Jocelyn Freeman and her husband, Aaron, teach couples the relationship skills to be connected in any season of life and to be the power couple they were meant to be. 

Taylor Wray is a yoga and mindfulness teacher. She leads retreats around the world and also instructs and certifies new yoga instructors.