428: Your burning questions about PURPOSE answered

Time for another Q&A Day with me and Evans! Listen in as we answer questions that you have sent in, and hear our favorite quotes of the moment! In today’s “questionably awesome” episode, Evans and I are talking all about purpose. We cover how to know when it’s time to move on from something that isn’t right for you and how to find your purpose by following your curiosities and taking action. 


Review of the Week:


Lori’s podcast has been so life changing for me. She’s been helping me navigate my life for a couple of years now, and her content is always so relative, inspiring, and exactly what I need at the time I listen. Her objective approach, transparency, vulnerability, and vibrant sense of humor make her relatable while helping you realize that we are all human, and that we can all reach amazing levels of purpose and prosperity (in all forms). Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to show up, creating awareness, and helping us challenge ourselves to live bigger lives. ?


Question 1:


How do you separate and clarify your purpose from passion?


Question 2:


How do you figure out your purpose? I know I'm here for greater things but I don't know what.


Question 3:


How do you know if it's your purpose for right now or your forever purpose?


Did you ever feel you had to leave someone behind to commit to your purpose?