431: Questionably Awesome – Your Burning Questions About EMBRACING CHANGE answered

Time for another Q&A Day with me and Evans! Listen in as we answer questions that you have sent in, and hear our favorite quotes of the moment! In today’s “questionably awesome” episode, Evans and I are talking all about embracing change. We cover how to accept that change is going to be for your highest good, how to let go of the need for approval and how to train your brain so that you don’t self-sabotage.


Review of the Week:


So much fun and love and relevant! Lori ! You and Evans are so fun to listen to! It brought me right back to when you were a bride to be and Angela sprayed perfume in my eye, lol. A lot of fun and laughs .. but it’s more than that, you have such great messages and help people to feel empowered and figure out their own solutions. Loved your Moon voice and bit! You’re hilarious and so is Evans. I’ve been binge listening while working and laughing out loud. Trying to get into a great place and space for some big stuff coming up in my life, and listening to the podcast is helping me get there.


Question 1:


Change is awesome, however scary… How do you push through the anxiety of it all?

Question 2:


How do you deal with the fear of your loved ones' judgement?

Question 3:


How do you stop old patterns from sneaking in while trying to embrace change?