434: Your Burning Questions About EMBRACING CHANGE Answered

Time for another Q&A Day. Today Evans and I are joined by Lindsey Schwartz. Listen in as we answer questions that you have sent in, and hear our favorite quotes of the moment! In today’s “questionably awesome” episode, we’re talking all about embracing change. We cover how to take action even when you’re not sure what your true purpose is and how to know when to stick at something or give it up.


Review of the Week:


My favorite shit show on FIRE! The last month has felt like falling down that Alice in Wonderland hole for me. There’s a welcome change waiting for me, but the interim has been a challenge. My saving grace? Questionably Awesome. Every episode, downloaded, and playing in the background all day, every day. For real. I love the friendship between you and Evans, the laughs, perspective, and fantastically honest and hilarious one liners. One of my favorites being, “Because I’m just a shit show on fire 99% of the time.” I look forward to Wednesdays very much!

Question 1: 


How many things is too many things to have on the go? I have so mnay new, fun things I'm into


Question 2:


What if I want to throw in the towel on one business and start another?


Question 3:


I'd love to hear about changing even when your spouse isn't ready.


Question 4:


What do you do when people think you're changing, but you know you're stepping back into yourself?