435: How to Get Over Hurtful Experiences with Lindsey Schwartz

In this episode Lindsey Schwartz joins me to talk all about stopping petty things get in our way. We share our personal experiences of being kind of addicted to the drama of people saying bad things about us. It is only through stepping into our highest purpose that we have learnt to let this small stuff and other people’s opinions of us go. Don’t miss this conversation if you are longing for a best friend, if you have trouble trusting women or if you find yourself pleasing other people more than yourself. 


Guest Bio:

Lindsey Schwartz is an entrepreneur, top podcast host, and best-selling author. She is the creator of the popular Powerhouse Women brand, podcast, events, and community. Lindsey has not only been running her own profitable events for the past three years, but she’s been attending, volunteering and helping run events behind the scenes for nearly a decade. She’s never been “too good” to play any role in producing an event and is the first person to support her friends in their endeavors. She prides herself on knowing the ins and outs of how heart-centered events should run, and understanding how to gain the attention of the media and get people excited about whatever she’s involved in.

After being behind the scenes for years helping to produce successful events, Lindsey knew that, despite her fears, it was time to come out from behind the curtain. With her ability, knowledge, charisma and attitude of “everything can be figured out” she launched her annual Powerhouse Women event and it took off. Her Powerhouse Women events have become top events in the business and personal growth world, helping countless women launch the brand or passion project of their dreams. She is a sought-after speaker, traveling around the world teaching and helping other women host their own events so they can create the community and careers they’ve always dreamed of.