436: Show up for Your True Purpose and Release the Pressure to Prove with Jordan Dooley

Jordan Dooley’s approach to life is all about showing up everyday and not waiting for the massive signs from the heavens. She schedules herself reminders to listen to God, abides by a no-phone rule in her and her husband’s bedroom, and believes that if we are always burning out, we’re not going to reach our full potential. Tune into this conversation to hear about getting the lessons you need, even if the outcome is unexpected. 


Question Highlights:

  • What did the road to finding what you wanted look like?
  • When do we start to take it upon ourselves to start knocking on other doors and really creating our own destiny?
  • How do we start showing up for the little things in our life in order for us to be able to show up for the big stuff?
  • How do you invite God into your goals?
  • How do you deal with judgment, comparison, distraction, all of the things that can happen when we are online?
  • Who needs to read your book?


Guest Bio:

Jordan Lee Dooley loves and lives with a buoyant effervescence. She is an in-demand speaker, blogger, SHE Podcast host, entrepreneur and author who has created numerous resources to fuel the areas of life she feels most passionate about, including self-care and wellness, business and entrepreneurship, and faith. Most recently she has published a book called Own Your Everyday, a girlfriend’s guide to a purpose-driven life.