Episode 44: The 4 Steps to Your F-YES LIFE with Ruby Fremon

Thankfully for my like-minded tribe, I had the honor to meet Ruby through Gabrielle Bernstein, earlier this year in New York City. Ruby Fremon is a coach, catalyst, and ignitor. She helps people radically boost self love so they can take back their power and create lives that make them ridiculously happy. Ruby empowers her clients to shift into the belief that they can have it all without sacrificing a damn thing. What makes Ruby a truly dynamic coach, is her ability to blend together practicality with spirituality while delivering her message in a loving, no-bullshit format. This fusion helps her clients create massive life shifts that stick.

ruby-fremon_CA34577_635986860777271693Let's cut straight to the point, just like Ruby’s happiness approach. Why beat around the bush, when the life you've always imagined is waiting on you?

Quit pressing the snooze button. It’s time to rise and shine!!

Ruby tells us how she took her life from self loathing, to nothing but self love. She hasn't always had the life we see now and she is more than willing to share her shift, in hopes it can shift you too.

From a past of addiction and relationship abuse, Ruby woke up one morning to finally place the pieces together. All of these terrible situations must have a common denominator…herself.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” -Unknown

Women, men, children, listen in. Ruby and I are here today to preach these three simple words with massive meaning. YOU. ARE. WORTHY.

“It finally occurred to me that if I have the power to say yes, then I also have the power to say no. I also have the power to choose something different.”

I’m sure we can all confess staying in a situation one way or another because it was “comfort-able.” It may have been what your major was in college, or your job, your romantic relationship or even just a friendship. Either way we can all raise our guilty hand, we are human.

But no more ladies and gentlemen. Take out those rubber boots and find your way out of the BS muddy situation you may be in. There is no better time than now.

“Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the pre-sent.” -Unknown

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • 4 steps to creating your “F YES” life
  • How to quit the “pity party” attitude
  • Escaping abuse
  • Self-love
  • Finding your worth
  • Accepting where you are at
  • Becoming what you want to attract


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