440: Your Burning Questions About RESISTANCE Answered

Time for another Q&A Day with me and Evans! Listen in as we answer questions that you have sent in, and hear our favorite quotes of the moment! In today’s “questionably awesome” episode, Evans and I are talking all about resistance. We cover how to love yourself into making better decisions, how to make a decision and move on without second-guessing plus how to pause to make sure you’re in control of your emotions so you don’t act from a place of chemical reaction in your body.


Review of the Week:


Holy crap I’ve never felt closer to y’all! I love the show! Been listening for over a year and finally getting around to leaving a review. Just listened to a Questionably Awesome about leveling up where you talked about going home – specifically how you feel like you have to rush to get home and sit with family, and then they talk about their new shelf! I thought it was just me and it’s cool to hear that you all experience that. Also, why is that even a thing!? Anyway, love your podcast and random tangents. Makes me feel like I’m just listening to people I want to be friends with. Btw, can we be friends?! -Alicia


Question 1:


How do you push through towards your goals when the resistance is SO STRONG?


Question 2:


How do you stop self-sabotaging once you recognize you're the problem?