454: Advocating for Yourself with Annie Spano

In 2015, Annie Spano was lost and depressed because she was being bullied at her corporate job. Then she started blogging and connected with other women bloggers. Having that community made her feel like herself again. She decided to leave her job and create a membership-based blogger tribe for women, Style Collective.  


Question Highlights:

  • How did you build a dream when you and your husband were both unemployed? 
  • Is it possible for people to figure out what they want if they’re in a bad environment?
  • How do you deal when people say you’re selfish for prioritizing your needs?
  • What is the worst thing you’ve experienced in business?
  • How can people start building a support system from nothing?
  • How do you operate from abundance even when people take advantage?


Guest Bio:

Annie Spano is a former math teacher and corporate marketer with a BS in mathematics education and an MBA. She is the Founder of Style Collective, an online supportive community with influencer education that empowers women to find their purpose, be inclusive and achieve success. 

Style Collective was created in reaction to an experience no other woman should ever have. In late 2015, Annie left her job in corporate marketing after being bullied and harassed by another woman in the workplace. The experience left her feeling defeated and emotionally drained. She wished there was a way for women to work together and help each other achieve success. Annie has since made it her mission to empower other women, improve their happiness, and help them achieve their goals through sisterhood and support of a shared passion. Style Collective is the realization of that mission.