468: This is your breakthrough year

Before we really get stuck into 2020, I want you to take time here to be proud of the things that you've done. Think of a moment last year where you showed up when you didn't want to, and got results. We have to get really grateful for these moments. And I want to say welcome to 2020. Welcome to this epic opportunity where you get to create a year that is different from the last and you get to make choices in the direction that you want to go. This is truly time to create and rise up and put things out in the world in such a massive way. I want you to treat 2020 like it is your last year to play. Find the courage, energy and strength to do something big and different. I hope today’s quickie serves as a reminder or way for you to be able to get back to the heart-centered reason of WHY you’re working on your dreams.