469: Scaling your dreams and business with Ali Grant

Ali Grant is a leader who has built an extraordinary business. Her company, Be Social, helps influencers and corporations build powerhouse brands. Be Social is currently scaling and growing, so this conversation is a must-listen if you are interested in building a vision bigger than yourself and want to know how it’s done.


Question Highlights:

  • How do you create a company culture if you're a small business?
  • How do you show up as the leader and keep people excited about your vision?
  • What gets you back into your creativity?
  • How should influencers approach TikTok?
  • What do you do to keep yourself really grounded every single day?
  • What are three things that make people uber successful in business?
  • What makes a product go viral?


Guest Bio:

Ali Grant launched Be Social in 2012 as one of the first agencies executing integrated influencer outreach and collaboration. Today, the communications group is headquartered in Los Angeles specializing in digital-forward campaigns for lifestyle, wellness and beauty brands and talent.

With Ali at the helm, Be Social has been named one of Inc.’s fastest growing businesses, spearheading digital campaigns across influencers, social, events and publicity.

Be Social is a member of the The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and The PR Net. The firm supports and is partnered with the Freedom & Fashion non-profit, which uses the arts of fashion and beauty to empower youth overcoming trafficking, homelessness and other injustices.