476. Questionably Awesome – Your burning questions about COURAGE answered


We’re back with another episode of Questionably Awesome with me and Evans! We’ve got our favorite quotes of the week, and we answer your questions about courage and helping others in your life to be more courageous.


Review of the Week:


“More than just a podcast!  “Earn Your Happy” is amazing . Not only is it incredible alone – making me laugh, cry and feel like I’m connected to a supportive community, but is a gateway to new podcasts, inspirational people to follow on instagram along with adding to my ever growing book collection! I binge at work and get those weird looks when I bust out laughing at Lori and Evans (whatever totally worth it) and constantly take notes from the amazing guests on the show. This has truly been such a blessing that I stumbled upon casually looking through podcasts one day.

So grateful for this podcast to bring me back down from the stories I tell myself that are not true, get back into my higher self mindset and be my authentic self with no apologies!”


Question 1:


What are some tools that helped you to be courageous?


Question 2:


What gives you the courage to jump into the fear?