484. Stop betraying yourself and people pleasing now – with Lacey Johnson

I was so lucky to connect with Lacey Johnson over the phone, and before even meeting with her in person I felt immediately connected. She has stories that are going to take your breath away and move you, and I can’t wait for you to hear them.


Question Highlights:

  • Why do you connect with people so well?
  • What got you interested in writing?
  • What are some things you saw in your life that shaped you
  • What was one of the biggest things you realized you were capable of creating?
  • How do we make room for letting our truth come out?
  • How does self-betrayal show up for you and what do you have to do?
  • What do you do to see the opportunity in life?


Guest Bio:

Lacey Johnson is an award-winning essayist, editor, and journalist. She has worked with a broad range of authors, celebrities and entrepreneurs — including Deepak Chopra and Daymond John. She founded The Wonder Report in 2018, and her words can be read in a variety of print and digital media sources including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, POPSUGAR, and OprahMag.com—many of which have been syndicated by Apple News, MSN, The Huffington Post, and Yahoo!

With a deep intrigue for human beings and fiery passion for smacking her readers in the face with the truth, she writes and reports boldly and introspectively about topics that challenge the status quo — in the realms of love and relationships, spirituality, trauma, women’s issues, wellness and the nuances of a successful and fulfilling life. She is also deep in the process of co-authoring her first book, which is a conscious and gutsy exploration of the illusions of fame, power, success, and the inescapability of humanness—all told through narratives involving some of the people the world most idolizes.