488. WIN BIG in biz and life with these communication tips – with Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson has so many talents I’m not sure what to talk about first: Her dance moves, her high kicks, her ability to shift people into reaching their highest potential, her business savvy, or her TikTok account. She is the real deal, she is pure fire, and she will light your soul up with education and truth.

Question Highlights:

  • What was foundational for you?
  • How did you pivot without feeling guilt?
  • How do we move on when we feel our personal relationships aren’t working?
  • What’s some advice for how to take feedback?
  • Is there anything in your life you feel that next-level communication could help you?

Guest Bio:

New York Times Best Selling Author of Push, Chalene Johnson is a lifestyle and business expert, motivational speaker, and podcast host. She and Bret, her husband of over twenty years, are the founders of the SmartLife movement. Today, with her husband, Chalene runs a fun-loving, collaborative team focused on helping others live a healthier, more simplified life through their online academies, membership sites, and live, sold-out seminars.

Chalene, with the help of top dietitians, doctors, researchers, and experts, she founded the 131 Method – a nutritional coaching program that’s turning the diet industry upside down. Chalene’s new book The 131 Method just came out in April 2019. She hosts two top-ranked podcasts, The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe, Huffington Post recognized Chalene as one of the “Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch.”