492. Fast track your growth – with Cat Golden

Cat Golden has been on this journey of growth and self-development with me for about two years, but it feels like I’ve known her forever. While struggling with her job as a nurse, she picked up A Tribe Called Bliss and began following it to a T. It’s been so fun watching her create something out of a need she had in her own field and to watch it completely explode. We unlock all of the things that she did on her path along the way.


Question Highlights:

  • Where were you before A Tribe Called Bliss came into your life?
  • What was it like following the book with these girls together?
  • What was the point when you put up a wall in your life, and how did you open your heart?
  • How do you lean in instead of withdrawing?
  • What were the main benefits of joining a mastermind?


Guest Bio:

Cat Golden became a nurse after completing her BSN at the University of Colorado. Her passion for helping nurses find the confidence they need to create their own schedules has come from her own need in the industry. She helps them take a chance on their dreams and maintain self-care, and that is what sparked her movement Nurses Inspire Nurses.

She runs the Nurses Inspire Nurses shop, and she hosts monthly events and coffee talks, as well as provides free resources to support nurses no matter where they are in the world. She has shipped thousands of Nurses Inspire Nurses merch out to nurses across the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, and she’s built a 6-figure business in under a year.

The Nurses Inspire Nurses movement virtual community consists of 20,000 nurses from all over the world. She takes nurses through her 90-day mentorship program, the leap/land/live method, and helps them look inside themselves and uncover what they’re truly passionate about. She believes that if nurses embrace their true being that they will uncover their purpose and be able to live a life they are obsessed with.