Episode 51: QUICKIE! The Power of Mindfulness

Seek and you shall find.

Today’s episode is meant to motivate the mind. It’s important to know that things do not just fall from the sky and into our laps. Seeking and therefore going after, is what will get you the prize.

“To be truly mindful is an inner peace practice. It is a releasing practice, a letting go practice.”

You are only in charge of YOU. After listening to one of my other favorite podcasts today Lewis Howes School of Greatness, I heard his guest say “Our control ends at our finger tips.”

Being mindful of this will allow you to then control your reactions, greaten your experiences and allow you to find your inner peace.

“That’s the difference between making heaven on earth, or hell on earth.”

In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Seeking and finding
  • Peeling back the layers
  • Mindfulness
  • Awareness
  • Letting go
  • Control


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