553. Audacity to be queen – with Gina DeVee

I had so much fun during this conversation with Gina DeVee. She believes that within every woman is a Queen, the person inside of her that is poised, clear, and confident. In her new book, “The Audacity to be Queen,” Gina shows you how to reclaim your feminine power, create the life that you desire, develop unshakable confidence, and follow your dreams.


Question and Highlights:

  • How do we let go of that inner victim?
  • What does it look like to find your purpose and get rooted into it?
  • What made you follow through on your new idea?
  • What should we do when we get triggered?
  • What archetype do you fall under?
  • Where do we separate manifesting from doing


Guest Bio:

Gina DeVee is a published author, accomplished speaker, podcast host, business coach and self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur. She has dedicated her career to helping women connect spiritually, start profitable businesses, create wealth from a feminine perspective, and become highly visible so they can make a global impact.

Gina’s own journey from struggling psychotherapist to globetrotting entrepreneur has taken her from the First Lady’s Office at the White House, to getting her Master’s in Clinical Psychology, graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, and founding her growing women’s empowerment, multi-media company and lifestyle brand, Divine Living. 

Her mission is to show women everywhere how to be Queen of their lives. “Within every woman lives a Queen,” Gina affirms, “And only from the position of Queen can you fulfill your purpose.”  In becoming Queen, no longer must women pretend to be anything other than brilliant, capable, and fabulous. The world needs us to own our power, raise our standards, and contribute our talents like never before, and Gina DeVee is here to lead the way. 

Her first book, The Audacity to be Queen, brings together over 20 years of experience in transforming women’s lives through the deep spiritual and feminine wisdom of Queenhood. With spectacular flair, beautiful pearls of wisdom, and life-changing stories of unexpected triumph, Gina DeVee shares the steps, exercises, meditations, prayers, and journal prompts to release all forms of self-doubt and self-sabotage so you can discover the best version of you.