559. Real talk about starting a brand and company – with Jenn Jordan + Nikki Lang

Any time I get to talk to female founders, I get super giddy. And today, I get to talk to not just one but two founders: Jenn Jordan and Nikki Lang, co-founders of Happy Lil’ One! When you are building a similar dream together you get a chance at real connection, and that’s what we have during this interview. If you’re someone who wants to think positively or has incredible goals, this interview is all about mindset, the way that you process problems, and how you think of solutions.


Question Highlights:

  • What is your background and what led to you launching your business?
  • What kept you excited about this company?
  • How did you figure out the details of how to launch?
  • What has changed for you from start to finish?
  • How did you have to pivot during the pandemic?


Guest Bio:

Jenn started practicing law as a mergers and acquisitions attorney at a top law firm and is currently serving as Senior Corporate Counsel for a rapidly growing startup. Applying the knowledge and experience she has gained from her legal career and mothering 3 small children; Jenn is in her element as Co-Founder and CEO of Happy Lil’ One.

Nikki, a soon to be mother of two, was a top sales performer in the healthcare, aesthetic and software markets for over 8 years before venturing off to start her own business. With an eye and background in style and design, she revels in her role as Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer for Happy Lil’ One.